Tone It Up 7 Day Slim Down Day 3 & 4

1 Mar

Welcome back friends!

I am just going to say that I caved a little on day 3 and had 15 chocolate chips. 😦 But the good news is my eating was PERFECT on Day 4!

Day 3 Recap:

Okay, now that I have that weight off my shoulders, ever all everything went really well on day 3! I did miss my morning Booty Call workout, but I took a hour long Intermediate Pilates class, and walked my dog for 30 mins at night. This diet overhaul is making me begin to feel really good and light! I didn’t have any headaches at all, and didn’t feel too hungry throughout the day. I am definitely looking forward to making some Tone It Up approved banana bread and chocolate cake next week. I will probably be baking up a storm, and enjoying it moderately of course!

Day 4 Recap:

Today was almost perfect as far as my eating and exercise goes. If you are familiar with the Tone It Up Plan you will know that during the 7 Day Slim Down they ask us to do two 30min cardio sessions each day. This was tough work for me because I am not a morning person and really don’t like to work out in the mornings. I have found though that either walking or doing yoga in the morning is perfect for me! I am sure that once I get used to AM workouts I will be able to increase the intensity. My future hubby wants to get me a bike so we can ride around the lake together in the morning. Now that I am getting used to waking up earlier, and the weather is getting nicer, I can’t wait to get out there and ride with him. This morning I did 20 mins of yoga in the morning, and then did 30 mins on the treadmill at night, plus some ab work. I feel really great about my accomplishments.

Overall, I am feeling more motivated, more energized and more vital. I have been keeping up with housework more, and somehow find extra time to get things done. I have also lost 3 lbs so far (In 4 days!) and am down to 140lbs. My goal in the beginning was to break into the 130s by the end of this, and if I can stay strong and committed this weekend, I know I will meet my goal! How awesome is that?!


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