My Bi-Polar Workout Schedule

25 Sep

Life BeginsSo if you have been following my blog for a while, you will notice that I have not been able to stick with the P90x program. I am not sure what it is about that program. I love lifting weights, but the cardio is a drag, and the yoga is terrible (in my opinion). So, in response to this I realized that I had to do something, and fast. My wedding is just about 7 months away now. I remember thinking “I have 12 months it’s no problem, I can lose these last 15 pounds”. Yea well in the last 5 months, I have lost none. I have shaped up a bit, and then fell into a pit again. So I decided I need to do something shorter term, just for 1 month and really stick with it and follow the program. I decided to whip out my Brazil Butt Lift DVDs from the back of my workout drawer. Yesterday was Day 1 “Bum Bum” and yes it kicked my ass. Even though the workouts are shorter, I feel they burn a lot of calories because you are targeting larger muscle groups.


I want to apologize to any of my readers out there, because my blog may not be super inspirational. But hopefully you see me as a real person, with real problems and the same excuses a lot of people come up with. I know I make excuses not to workout or eat my healthiest, and I am trying really hard to change my ways but I think that’s the hardest part. Once I can get past the mental road blocks, I know I will achieve great things.

So I am committing to the BBL 30 day program (for pear shapes) and I am going to try to be more consistent with my healthy eating. How do you motivate yourself to get back on track when you feel you keep losing your way?


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