How iOS6 is going to streamline my life!

18 Sep

Can I get a bit nerdy today? 🙂 I cannot wait for the iOS6 upgrade to be released tomorrow. If you haven’t heard anything about it, then you obviously aren’t as completely unhealthily obsessed with your iPhone as I am…and that’s probably a good thing. I was literally watching live blog updates for the 2 hours that the iPhone5 and iOS6 were being announced.


It’s a little embarrassing but man, I love my apple gadgets. I am going to do my best to explain some of the newest features of the new software upgrade, and I will try to inform you which of your phones will have what features. (In true apple fashion, some of the older phone models won’t really benefit much from this software upgrade). The funny thing is that I am not super excited about the new iPhone 5 even though it’s a little bigger and faster, I will wait until May when I get my upgrade. I won’t be paying full price for it. 😉

Here is a round up of the best features that the iOS6 software has to offer!

  • Maps- The Maps app is getting a complete overhaul because it is no longer GoogleMaps powered (just like the YouTube app will not be integrated in the software anymore). You can view the maps in 3D and see a flyover of your city (works only in major cities currently). One of the most incredible new features is the Turn-by-Turn navigation! I know apple is behind on this software because there are other phones that offer this, but this will be a huge help to us Apple obsessed folks out there that live on our iPhones and sometimes get lost trying to read the directions from the screen. (Only avail. on iPhone 4s and 5).
  • Siri gets an upgrade-Again this update will only be for iPhone 4s and 5, and iPad 3rd generation, but Siri can now be told what to do, without even holding down the Home button. This will allow you to ask Siri to perform certain tasks much easier. Also, she will know more sports scores/movie times and can make dinner reservations because OpenTable is now integrated into the software.
  • Facebook – If you are a Social Media-aholic like me, this is going to be fun for you! Just like Twitter has been integrated into the iPhone software, now Facebook will be integrated too. Now you can ask Siri to post a Facebook status update for you, or more easily post that picture you just took to your Facebook Timeline.
  • Shared Photo Streams – Now this is cool! Now when I take a picture of my adorable puppy, I don’t have to text it to my fiance, I can just share it with him in a stream, and it will just pop up on his phone! (Note, they have to be using iOS6 too). Then he can like and comment on that picture directly in the photo stream. This will make sharing photos with your family and friends much easier.
  • Passbook – I am a little unclear on this one still, but looks to be one app that you can save all of your grocery store rewards cards, coupons and airline/movie tickets in one place. Then it can just be scanned right from your phone, this will clear out a lot of our wallets!!
  • Facetime over Cellular!-FINALLY I can Facetime chat with my fiance or mom without having to be connected to WIFI! We are not always connected to WIFI, and whats the point of video chatting if we are in the same place :P. Now when I am on the go, I can visually see what my family is up to! *stalker alert* lol!
  • Phone – Now I can remind myself to call people back! Yay! In my busy life, I hardly ever remember to call people back. Now, right from the phone app, when someone is calling you, you can set a call back reminder. You can also text them right away if you’re in a meeting or something, and let them know you will call them back. You can use a standard text, or write your own. It’s the little things that count.
  • Mail – New VIP lists will allow you to look at only the most important emails first. Who likes sorting through all of those coupons and store sales emails to find the one from your brother confirming lunch the next day, etc. I don’t.

There are over 200 new features that will be coming with this new upgrade tomorrow and obviously I will not be talking about all of them, but hopefully this gives you a bit of insight into what to expect, and one girls opinions on the features! To find out more about this upgrade, visit the Apple iOS6 info page.


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