Quick Tip : How I Organize my Lilly Pulitzer Agenda

29 Aug

I am so glad that I started that daily schedule last week. (Read how I created it here)

First things first, I ordered the new 2013 Lilly Pulitzer agenda, to replace my 2012 one, and I am so excited to receive it in the mail! It’s been taking a little while to get shipped to me, and I am getting ansy. I used to have a Lilly store at the mall near me, and when I went to buy my agenda, I was shocked to find out it didn’t exist anymore! Apparently Lilly Pulitzer is more of an East Coast brand and so it doesn’t survive very well in San Diego.

Anyway, you can see a picture of my 2012 planner if you follow me on instagram @naturalbeautymark. {Go ahead, take a peek…you know you want to!}.

My 2012 Agenda goes all the way to December, but since I am trying to schedule wedding stuff in the future, it’s not serving me very well. Take a look at what my Saturday’s look like n September! {And imagine what they will look like in Feb, March and April!}Of course I had to pencil in the Jason Aldean Concert! 🙂

When I am organizing my Agenda, I tend to color code everything! Let me give you a break down of how I do that :

  • Blue : Wedding stuff (you know, something blue hehe)
  • Purple or Pink : Personal stuff like working out of in this case, going to a concert
  • Green : Work stuff or anything to do with money. 😉
  • Red : Payments I need to make. Red is my least favorite color, and I don’t like to see my money go away. Haha!

The nice thing about the Lilly planner, is in the beginning, you can see all of the month views, but then you also have month views and week views separated by each month. I know I am 26 years old (gasp, I am not supposed to share that!) and some people think these Lilly agenda’s are very young, but I love it so much more than a “grown up” filofax! I need some bright, fun colors in my life, and this planner really encourages me to keep track of things. Why can’t my iPhone calendar be so cute? 🙂 There is something about hand writing your notes and having something you can take everywhere with you and write in. I tried being super tech-y and using my iPhone for everything, but I missed having my agenda at hand, to doodle in and jot down important notes.

This is just a quick update for you all. If you would like, I can do an in depth post about how I fully organize my agenda (including all of my wedding to-dos) once my Lilly Pulitzer Agenda arrives.

How do you keep your life organized?


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