Creating a Daily Schedule

20 Aug

Schedules schedules! I used to be so good at keeping a schedule for school/work. It was beautiful and color coded and everything. There are so many things I am trying to fit into the day that I am feeling overwhelmed, and like I have mentioned before, like I am neglecting myself. The thing I am finding the most trouble fitting in is exercise. I decided that if I really want to be successful in all aspects of my life, I have to pick up a day planner again, and plan my day out.
Since I am at work, and I do not have the planner that I started using earlier this year handy, I decided to print out this handy weekly calendar from I absolutely adore this blog, because it inspires me to want to be more organized. Although, I have a lot to learn from Jen still, I am making small strides!
I am going to share with you what I have come up with as a daily schedule. I know that things will change around from day to day if my future hubby and I have a meeting for wedding planning or something. But it will be a good start, and will hopefully keep me on track for the most part.
6:00am – Wake up
6:15am – P90X
7:30am – Shower/Breakfast
8:15am – Pack Lunch
8:30am – Leave for work.
8:45am – 5:15pm – Work it girl. 
5:30pm – Start prepping dinner
6:30pm – Dinner time!
7:00pm – Clean up, pick up around apartment
7:30pm – 10:00pm – Couples time
10:00pm Lights out.
I am definitely the kind of person who needs 8 hours of sleep a night, so if I am not in bed by 10, I will not wake up by 6am. Even this is a really tight schedule. My weekend schedule would look something like this though.
8:00am – Wake up
8:15am – P90X
9:30am – Shower / Breakfast
10:00am – Vacuum and Clean all counters/surfaces
10:30am – Dishes
11:00am – Free to spend the rest of the day as I please!
I am hoping that this schedule helps keep me on track to realizing my goals of losing 20lbs before my wedding day on May 4th, and provides me with flexibility to do wedding things in the evenings after eating dinner. I am lucky that I have a fairly flexible schedule at work so if I arrive at 9am instead of 8:45, then I just adjust my evening hours to reflect that. I feel though, that because of my flexible work schedule, I have used that to my advantage to stay up later and sleep in later, missing my workouts. And then by the time I get home, I have only enough time to eat dinner or work out (I can’t work out too late because then I can’t fall asleep). We will see how this goes; I may have to adjust it to where I go into work earlier, and get out earlier and workout before my future hubby arrives home. Hopefully this post helps you with your schedule or motivates you to make a schedule to help you keep your life on track!


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