Reevaluating my Goals and getting back on track. Part 1.

1 Aug

This post is not going to be the most positive one. It’s been a tough route since I stopped Insanity. I have been trying to start P90X without success. I will do it for a day or few days, then stop for a week. I still have 9 months to reach my coals, and only about 20 lbs to lose, so I know I can do it! It’s just a matter of finding the motivation to either get up really early and workout before work, or find time in the evenings (which keep getting filled up with events and activities).

I really have to dig deep within, and find the motivation and accountability.

This is going to be a 2 part post. Later this afternoon, I am going to reset my goals, and write them in a blog post, so that I can be held more accountable.

To top this all off, my coworker quit, and I have been flooded with extra workload from her. My job title even was changed from Social Media Specialist to Social Media & Communications Specialist. The worst part about this is that my coworker never explained how to do portions of her job before she left, and my boss has been dealing with a lot of personal issues, so I have kind of been left to fend for myself. I know I am up for the task, but it’s just a lot to handle all at once, while still trying to plan my wedding and find time to get in shape.

I hope this post is not discouraging to anyone! I am not saying I give up, just that this last month or so has been pretty tough for me. I think that once I can reevaluate my goals, I will get back on track! Thanks for sticking in there!
What do you do to keep yourself motivated?


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