Wedding Checklist : Finding the Right Photographer!

13 Jul

Finding a Photographer
It doesn’t matter what your budget is for your wedding, finding a photographer is tricky. They are expensive, and often times, you don’t know what a good package actually is! Here are some tips!

  • Consider your Timeline! – Photographers will probably offer you packages anywhere between 4 hours and 12 hours long. The package that I chose is 8 hours. The reason I wanted 8 hours is because I want “getting ready” photos all the way through our first dance and cake cutting. You have to think about the timeline of your wedding. I know you may not have that all planned out yet, but think about what is important to you. Here are some things to consider when thinking about time:
    • Do you want “getting ready” pictures of you and your fiancé getting dressed, getting hair and makeup done, or photo’s of your dress before you put it on? Factor that in.
    • Do you have a big family? This is important to know because you are going to have to get photos or everyone in different situations (i.e. Bride-Mother-Mother in law, and Bride-Groom-Bride and Groom Parents). These situations could be endless, so you may want to think about it before choosing a length of time you need a photographer. Make a shot list of all the scenarios you want.
    • Do you want pictures up through your first dance and cake cutting only, or do you want the whole party?
  • How many photographers do you need? – I recommend two. Especially if you want “getting ready” pictures of you and your fiancé. One person cannot be in 2 places at the same time. Also, you will get more angles and perspective of your whole wedding, and things will go more smoothly. However, if you are on a strict budget, just use one photographer.
  • Look to your friends! – Do you have a friend that is a photographer? Maybe they don’t do weddings, but they might be able to refer someone. I went to a friend of mine who is a professional photographer (haven’t seen him in almost 10 years) and he referred me to a handful of amazing people! They all offered me a special price because I was a friend of a friend. Use your resources! If you do have a friend that does wedding photography, make sure they aren’t someone that would have been on the guest list. The reason I say that is, what if the photo’s come out terribly? I hate to be a downer, but you don’t want that pressure on a close friend.
  • Do they offer any special perks? – It was a close call between a few photographers. I could not spend more than $2000 on my pictures, so I had to look hard. The team I chose offered me a free 2 hour engagement photo session, and two 16X20 prints! Also, 8 hours and 2 photographers on the day of. Score! Tip : If you are struggling between two photographers, let them know! A lot of times they will throw something in for free, just to earn your business! (Don’t ask them to do this though, it’s bad etiquette)

For me, it took a lot of research to find the photographer I wanted. Even then, I felt like I should look more. But I am happy with my choice, and I know that if you follow some of these tips, you will find your dream photographer too!



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