Friday Favorite : Must Have App!

29 Jun

Today I am going to share 1 favorite item with you, because it will take me just a little while to gush about how much I am obsessed with it! It’s an App I downloaded for my iPhone, but it’s also available for Android, Kindle Fire and it has a web version too that you can access from your computer. The App I am referring to is Songza! **hyperlink to website**

Songza is like Pandora on crack. It puts Pandora to shame completely (sorry Pandora Fans, I was one too). First of all, Songza is completely free and…Ad FREE! Yay, no more annoying commercials every 3 songs (unless you pay Pandora). If that is not enough to make you jump up and down screaming, this next part will do just that. The best thing about Songza, is it has pre-made playlists that act as a soundtrack to your daily life. It automatically figures out what day of the week and time of day it is. For instance, when I logged into my App today, it said “Friday, Late Morning” because it was around 11am.

You will notice there are 6 options for styles of playlist. There is Summertime, Brand New Music, Still Waking Up, Popular Genres, Work or Study (with lyrics) and Easing the Tension. For today, I decided to go with a summertime playlist style, so let’s see what happens.

So now, we have 6 more options! I chose “Relaxing in the Shade” and was given 3 options for a playlist.

Isn’t this awesome! These playlists are Pre-made so you don’t even have to think about anything. With Pandora, you tend to get stuck listening to the exact same genre, and you notice that you hear the same songs over and over again. My Fiancé and I were on our way to the San Diego County Fair last weekend, and it suggested a playlist of Southern California Summer Hits. We listened to some Blink 182, 311, Slightly Stupid and Offspring. It took me right back to summer break in High School!

Songza also keeps track of the playlists you have listened too, so if it’s not suggesting exactly what you want to hear, you can go find those previously played lists. You can also explore lists by different categories such as Genre, Activities (Like Ballroom Dancing, Casual Dinner Party, Girls Night Out, and Hanging out in the Man Cave!), Moods, Decades, Culture, Record-store Clerk, and Just for You suggestions.

The creators of this App are genius, and I really encourage you to check it out! It’s so much fun! I am off to listen to the playlist called “Blogged 50” under the Getting Creative Activity! You all have a happy Friday!



One Response to “Friday Favorite : Must Have App!”

  1. Mary July 1, 2012 at 11:39 pm #

    That looks awesome, will have to check it out!

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