Wedding Checklist : Selecting your Bridal Party!

27 Jun

This is my first Wedding post on my blog, and I am super excited! I want these posts to be informative for you! Think of it like a guidebook from my point of view in case you are planning your wedding, or will be soon!

Today I want to talk about the Bridal Party. Selecting a Bridal Party can be a bit intimidating and overwhelming. As a Bride, you want to feel like you are including everyone and not leaving people out, but you also need to have a group of gals (or guys) that you can trust.

I am still in the early stages of planning my wedding (10 months away) but the first thing I did when I got engaged, was started to think about who I wanted to have standing by me on that big day. I have always been the type of person who has many acquaintances, but I keep a small group of very close friends. Even though this is the case, I still had to be pretty selective about my bridal party.

Here are the top things I recommend that you consider when you are selecting your Bridal Party!

  1. Blood is thicker than Water: If you have sisters, they should be your first consideration for your bridal party, if not for your Maid(s) of Honor. Maybe you don’t have sisters, but you have a cousin that you are super close to. Consider them for your Bridal Party. You don’t want to have your sister, who you are close to, feel left out by making someone else Maid of Honor. That being said, if you really don’t have any close relatives (like me) then choose your closest and oldest friend. I have 2 maids of honor. The reason I decided this, is that my oldest friend is pregnant, and I knew it would be too much for her to be the MOH herself, so I also asked my other best friend. This way they can share the responsibilities.
  2. More is not better: My Bridal Party has 5 people in it. 2 Maids of Honor, my Future Sister in law, and my two other closest friends. Some people would consider 5 to be a small Bridal Party, but let me tell you, it is so hard to coordinate peoples’ schedules for dress fittings etc. The smaller the better. Plus, if you have 10 people in your Bridal Party, and one friend is left out, how do you think she will feel?
  3. No Indian Giving: Do NOT rescinded and invitation to someone to be in your bridal party. If you ask and they accept, that’s that. I hate seeing all of those TV shows where Bridezilla takes away someone’s right to be in the bridal party. It’s tacky, don’t do it.
  4. Give Praise: Make sure you really thank everyone for being a part of helping you make your day special! In all honesty, they don’t have to be adding this extra work to their plates, they are doing it because they love you. Make sure they know you love them too!
  5. Include Everyone: Now that you have selected your Bridal Party, make sure everyone is in the loop. Give people certain responsibilities if you know they can handle it. On the flip side, don’t give too many responsibilities to people that aren’t able to take them on. I created a Secret Group on Facebook for my Bridal Party. This way, they can all post stuff to each other, and share ideas really easily. Also, we will be having a get-together to start some DIY projects.

Hopefully if you are planning your wedding, or will be in the future, these tips will help you select the Bridal Party of your dreams! Remember, if you cherish your maids, they will cherish you too.


One Response to “Wedding Checklist : Selecting your Bridal Party!”

  1. Elaine June 29, 2012 at 6:44 am #

    Another way to handle friends who may upset that they were not asked to be a bridesmaid is to ask them to be an honorary bridesmaid. Explain to them that they will still be involved as you will very much like for them to be an extra special part of your day, but are not required to deal with the stress of being an actual bridesmaid like getting the same dress as everyone. This will also help you in the end because the day of, you won’t be there (nor your bridesmaids) to oversee how things are set up. If you have an honorary bridesmaid who knows your plans and ideas, they can help oversee the set up while you and the rest are getting ready. In return, have them in a few pix with you and the other bridesmaids too! They therefore are included and not left out without being an official bridesmaid. 😉

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