A Few of My Favorite Things!

22 Jun

So, It’s Friday! Yay. And I have a really fun weekend planned. Tonight, some friends are coming over to celebrate Brad’s (My Fiance) birthday with us. Tomorrow night, Brad and I are going to the Fair and we are going again on Sunday for his actual birthday. It’s become our tradition and this will be our 3rd year going! I thought it would be fun today to share with you some of my favorite things this week! A Few of my favorite things can change week to week, so let me know if you all like this type of post, and I can try to keep it up weekly or bi-weekly. I really want this blog to cover topics that you are interested in, and not just blab about that I think you may be interested in! So make sure you post your comments below, or leave me comments on my new Facebook Page! I am sharing with you my Favorite Accessory, Favorite Cuddles, Favorite Travel Photo, Favorite Fitness Photo & Favorite Inspirational Quote! 🙂

Organic Pave Double Link Necklace

I LOVE Chloe + Isabel and I just ordered this necklace. Had to have it!

Cute Puppy

Beau + Luna Cuddling. This is becoming more frequent, and it’s ridiculously adorable!

Rapelling in Costa Rica

Yep, that’s me jumping off a 180ft high waterfall near La Fortuna, Costa Rica! I didn’t slowly go down, I just jumped and let go. Most amazing thing I have ever done!

Yesss I want arms like this!!!

This says it all!


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