Setting your Summertime Goals!

20 Jun


It felt like it would never come, but now it seems the spring has flown by doesn’t it? I suppose I don’t get quite as excited about the summer as I did when I was in High School because I work full time now so I still don’t have much time to enjoy the beautiful beaches in San Diego. But, it’s okay. At least the weather has been phenomenal lately! So since it’s the start of a new season, lets talk about goal setting today! :)I talked a little bit about my own SMART goals a few weeks ago, but I want to break them down a little bit for you!

“SMART” goals

SMART is an acronym for (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timely).

S for Specific : There are 4 questions you should always try to answer when coming up with a specific goal for yourself.

  1. Who is involved? – this is pretty easy, because you’re involved. But if your goal involves others, think of them too.
  2. What do I want to accomplish? – lose 5 lbs? gain muscle tone? eat healthier?
  3. When? – Establish a time frame.
  4. Why? – Why are you setting this goal for yourself?

M for Measurable : Make sure you can measure your goals. If you want to lose weight, you can measure that by a scale. If you want to eat healthier, make sure you keep a food journal.

A for Achievable : Instead of expecting yourself to reach a goal of losing 50 lbs in a month, why not set more realistic goals like losing 8lbs in 2 months. By making your goals achievable, you will have more success, and be much more likely to continue on your path to reach your ultimate goal!

R for Realistic : This is a little different than setting an achievable goal. Being realistic means, if you have a goal to lose 8lbs in 2 months, what can you do realistically to reach that? Are you able to work out for 45 mins 4-5 days a week, and are you going to commit to eating healthier? Make a list of the action steps that you would need to take to reach your achievable goal, and figure out if that is realistic for you. This will take a little bit of thought and research, but trust me, you cannot reach a goal that you don’t map out a plan for. 🙂

T for Timely : Set a time frame for your goal. Let’s say you want to lose 20 lbs in the next 11 months. (Like me..hehe). Break it down into chunks. My first chunk was to lose 3 lbs in 1 month, and I did that my first month. My next goal is to lose 4 lbs more by July 1st. I am on my way. If my goal was just to lose 20 lbs in 11 months, and I didn’t break it up into chunks, it would be almost impossible to reach that goal without tackling smaller goals.

That’s all I have for you about Goal setting. I think the first day of Summer is the perfect time for you to set a quarterly goal for yourself! Let’s get cracking folks!

Oh, and I wanted to leave you with a picture of me and my Dance Company at a Beach Party event this past weekend celebrating Summer!! We were doing a Jazz dance in a Burlesque style so we decided to wear pin up inspired beach wear. We also had to dance in Sand…that was quite a workout. 🙂 Enjoy your first taste of summer! Leave a comment below with your SMART goals!


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