Insanity Update : 3 week results. :)

25 May

Last night was Day 25 of INSANITY and the workout was Plyometric Cardio Circut. I was surprisingly able to stick it out through a lot of this workout. It’s the ski abs that kill me, and if you’re on the INSANITY track, you know what I mean. 🙂 Here are the benefits that I have been noticing (along with eating Lean, Clean and Green like the ToneItUp girls say!)

  • I am feeling more energized each and everyday (but rely heavily on getting 8 hours of sleep, if not a little more)
  • I feel lighter
  • I no longer feel nauseous due to being hungry, because I am eating every 3 hours max.
  • I am craving my healthy food(more about this in a minute). I look forward to my afternoon snack of carrots and hummus every day, rather than a bag of chips..who knew?
  • I am seeing changes in the composition of my body, I feel tighter and slimmer. I have not weighed myself or taken measurements since Tuesday May 15th, so stay tuned next Tuesday for updates! 🙂

Fighting Temptation : My fiance has been a little bit of a bad influence on me. He has skipped a few of our workouts, or kind of given up halfway in between. And last night, I was about to cook us scrambled eggs with a ton of veggies and salsa, but he went to Taco Bell instead. The ironic thing was that his “fast food” trip took longer than it took me to make my eggs. I was half done eating before he returned. I am so proud of myself because I love Taco Bell, but my body was telling me it wanted real fuel. It’s been craving that lately. I satisfied my desire to have the taco bell by just taking one bite of his food, and honestly that’s all I needed! 🙂

I can’t believe I am going to share this, but here is a comparison picture of me after 3 weeks of insanity! (I can’t wait to see what my end results will look like!) It’s hard to look at these pictures. I am happy with my results so far, but I still have a ways to go before I reach my goal. This encourages me to keep going, and hopefully you as well! I am making a funny face in each one…oh well 🙂


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