Are you addicted to coffee, too? ♥ And a discussion about Motivation!

21 May

I say “too” because I LOVE coffee. It is a perfect pick me up for any day, especially Mondays! I used to go to Starbucks and get a Grande Mocha. Now I make mocha’s at my house because I am in love with my Keurig (click the link to see the one I have…it was a gift, I didn’t go out and spend $190 on it…but it’s so worth it!)!

Anyway, I wanted to learn how to make a healthier Mocha at home, that would be fast and convenient. So I found this recipe from the TIU Diet Plan, believe me…I wish I could take the credit for this deliciousness! I bought a super cute mug from Starbucks (for $12…cost of 3 coffees there, now I can make unlimited!). Here is a picture of it : This is going to save me time, since it takes about 20 mins to get a coffee at Starbucks in the AM…and about 2 mins to make one at home. It’s going to save me money…Starbucks is about $4.55 for a grande coffee, I can make one at home for about $1.20. And this recipe I am going to share saves tons of calories! Here it is :

Morning Mocha Madness

1 cup STRONG coffee

1/4 cup unsweetened almond milk

2 tablespoons of unsweetened cocoa powder

2 packets of Stevia (i like Truvia brand)

Mix together and enjoy! Tastes like a dark chocolate coffee! YUM! You could try using a chocolate almond milk for a little sweeter flavor, but a little more calories.

Try this recipe, and comment below what you think! 🙂


I was also thinking about Motivation today. Yesterday was supposed to be my last day of week 3 of INSANITY but it got so hot so early yesterday, and I had someplace to be in the afternoon, that I kind of just let my workout fall by the wayside. I was thinking I would do it tonight, but it turns out I have someplace to be right after work today. Then tomorrow we start week 4. I am not going to beat myself up over it too much though because I have been pretty consistent with all of the workouts, only missing one previously. I feel that’s really great because INSANITY is 6 days a week! I went from taking a dance class 2 times a week, to doing an INSANE workout 6 days a week 🙂

I just wanted to share that I think that no matter what, you should never beat yourself up over anything. You may slip here and there, or have a situation where you literally have no healthy options on a menu when you go to dinner with your family (this happened to me last night). Instead of sitting there starving, I let myself eat a little pizza, but I kept it at that. I didn’t scarf down the whole thing. You have to have a certain willpower to be successful in health and wellness. I am no fitness expert or doctor, but I know this out of my own personal experiences. If you fall off the wagon a bit (so to speak) just get right back on. Today, I plan to eat a few less calories to make up for yesterday, and in my workout tomorrow I am going to just push myself a little harder. It’s all about finding that balance! I hope you all find your inner motivation to keep going, or get back on track if things are slipping a little. Just remember, no one is perfect. For any of us to achieve what we truly desire, we just have to stay focused, and commit to success. Failure is NOT an option!


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