Lean, Clean and Green!

14 May

I have begun a new quest in my eating habits, and I am following the ToneItUp Diet Plan. What I love about this plan, is it’s not really a diet at all, they just talk about eating Lean Clean and Green (LC&G)! Basically, not processed foods, no added sugars and no empty calories (no more 100 calorie packs people!). I really started utilizing this diet just yesterday, so I can’t speak too much yet about how I feel and how much healthier I am etc. But I wanted to talk a little about this diet plan and what I think about it so far! 

First thing about this diet plan, is what K&K call the “Booty Call”. They want you to set your alarm 35 mins early, throw on some sneakers, and walk or jog 15 mins from your house, then 15 mins back. This is to be done first thing before eating anything (you may have some coffee). They say this helps to rev up your metabolism and get you going for the day. On my first day, I did not set my alarm early I have to say (shakes head). However, I do plan on this the next few mornings. They also say this doesn’t have to be everyday so I am going to shoot for 5 days a week.

The next thing this diet plan recommends, is a Meta-D drink with your first meal. This is a combination of apple juice, apple cider vinegar, honey, cinnamon and water. This is said to really kick your metabolism into gear by helping raise your core body temperature. This drink is to be had with your first meal. I have made this the last two days, and it’s not too bad tasting. I do feel energized afterwards, and it seems to help with digestion.

The rest of the diet is pretty standard. 5 meals a day (3 meals, 2 snacks) and the girls stress not to count calories, but to be calorie aware. Meaning, if you cheat and have cake at a friends birthday, just add a little more cardio in, or make a few of your meals smaller. Don’t beat yourself up about it. But they do want you to focus on eating Lean (egg whites, lean chicken, lean ground turkey, tofu or fish), Clean (fruits and whole grains) and Green (unlimited green veggies). I think this will be easy to follow, and I know the results will be really great as the weeks come!

Tomorrow is my weigh in and measurements (Today is my last day of week 2 of insanity!). I am really excited because I have been feeling firmer and less bloated. I wouldn’t be surprised if my weight stays the same or increases a little bit, because I feel like my muscles are getting stronger! I understand that sometimes you have to build muscle first, before the fat starts to melt off! I am mostly excited about my measurements because I think I will be able to see a little bit of changing! 🙂

Until Next Time!


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