Day 9 – Pure Cardio!

10 May

OK, So yesterday was a pretty crazy day to say the least. I felt a little bit like superwoman…let me explain lay out my schedule for you a little bit : 

8am – Rise and Shine!

9am- In the office. Working on projects, posts etc.

1pm – Lunch. Drive back to the house to make lunch, take the dog out and play with her a little.

2pm – Back to work.

6pm – Leave work, head to jazz dance class.

8:20pm – Head home

9pm – Pure Cardio

Why I decided I still had enough energy to do a 40min long high intensity work out is beyond me, but I did it. I was up until midnight though with way too much energy, so I don’t recommend doing these workouts this late. They are great to do in the morning if you’re a morning person, which I am not. I would not stick to a workout if I had to wake up at 6am to do it, so instead I do it at 6:30pm and then have dinner after. If you need motivation to help get you in gear, Shaun T is the man to do it! I have been feeling so energized lately, have been eating cleaner and healthier, and have been sleeping better too!

Until Next time!



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