Am I going INSANE? My journey with INSANITY and Shaun T.

9 May

Hey Everyone!

I know, it’s been WAY too long since my last blog post. I have been so busy with a new job (as a Social Media Strategist in the Hospitality field) and they have had me traveling all over Mexico! At some point, I would really love to post some of those photo’s up here for you all to see.

Today, I wanted to talk a little about this new adventure that my Fiance and I have decided to take (oh yeah, I am engaged as of 4/21/12!!) For the last year or so, I have been on this journey to lose weight, and gain back my healthy college body when I was dancing several hours a day, and was strong and lean! After Brad and I started dating in the Summer of ’09, I just packed on the happy weight like it was going out of style…topping out at close to 160pounds on my tiny 5’3 frame. I was depressed, I was angry, and I couldn’t be mad at anyone but myself. Luckily, my fiance is the most amazing man, and everyday he would tell me that I was beautiful to him, but if I was unhappy, I needed to do something about it. I realized that whining, feeling bad about myself in the dressing rooms, and saying I was going to be active, were not doing anything to help my health. I needed to make a change.

November 2010. Me at my heaviest, close to 160lbs (I wasn’t really weighing myself at the time because it was upsetting)

In the late spring of 2011, I started being more conscious about the things that I ate, I replaced 1 meal a day with a vegan protein shake (with almond milk and raspberries in it), and I tried cutting down on dairy and meat. I also started dancing again, which helped my body shape up, and helped me feel good about myself. Dancing is an essential part of me, and I always need to do it in some fashion.

Fast forward to the present…I started my INSANITY journey on May 1, 2012 at a weight of 143 pounds. I am in week two now, and weight 141 pounds. They definitely did not exaggerate when they decided to name this workout program INSANITY. It’s all plyometric cardio training, and Shaun T. uses a method called Max Interval Training which takes regular interval training and flips it on it’s head. In typical interval training, you go at a moderate pace for a bit, then would sprint it out for a few seconds, and return to a moderate pace. With Max Interval Training, you work at your hardest for 3 minutes, then get a 30 second rest. The workouts are about 40 mins long, starting with a 10 min warm up, 5 minute stretch, 5 minute cooldown, leaving the bulk or the workout only about 20 mins long. But let me tell you, in those 20 minutes, you want to DIE! 🙂

My goal weight is 115 pounds. That will be even less than I weighed towards the end of high school (118) but being 5’3, I can be 115 pounds and not be stick thin. Mostly I am concerned with my measurements and tone of my body! My motivation is starting a healthy life with my future husband. We are getting married next June, and we want to start out on the right foot (not to mention, look great in our wedding/honeymoon photos!). Stay tuned for more of my insane adventures!

(click here to see where I was at Nov 8, 2011, and see more “before” pictures… I am still at the same weight that I was then…but I haven’t gained anything back 🙂



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