Workday Beauty

10 Nov

I think I may start a regular post of top 10’s through several different categories. Here, I will give you my top 10’s for at the office. We all know, working 8-10 hours a day plus drive time, is not always glamorous, but I have compiled a list of 10 things that will help keep you glowing all day.

Bobby Pins. You never know when your hair may fall out of style, or the wind will mess up your ‘do. Maybe, you didn’t have time to style your bangs (typically my problem, they go everywhere). Bobby pins will save you in a pinch. I suggest you get the kind that comes in a little plastic container so you can keep it in your makeup bag easily!

Hair tools that pull double duty. This is a genius idea! I was browsing the Goody® site, and saw a new product they just  released. It’s genius. You can buy a headband that doubles as a necklace or a hair tie that doubles as a bracelet! What better way to be ready in a pinch! Show up to work with gorgeous bracelets, and if your hair gets too crazy to handle, instant pony with style! Check it out!

Hand Creme. If your office is anything like mine, it’s FREEZING! Plus, I am washing my hands about 3-5 times a day with soap that is drying. Try a lotion with Shae Butter. I love this little trio (one will fit perfect in your bag). Keep one at the office, in the car and at home!

Lip Balm. You never know when your lips will get chapped, but you can also use it to tame your brows! Unruly eyebrows are one of the most noticeable beauty blunders because they are what is framing your face. When they look groomed, you instantly look more awake.

Black Sharpie. This has saved me so many times. Maybe you scuffed your shoe on the way into the office, you can hide the scrape marks with a sharpie (if your shoe is black of course!).

These next 5 on the list, are items you can use at the office to help with and beauty blunders!

Toilet Seat Liner. No one wants to look like they slathered oil on their faces. If you are having a shine problem, use one of these to blot the oil. I know, not the most glamorous of things, but it works because they are made out of similar materials that oil blotting sheets are made of! We want to GLOW, not glisten!

Erasers. This can double as an earring backing if you break a little piece off. Much better than losing your earring!

Stapler. Fix your pants! My hem has dropped out of my pants a few times, and my stapler has been a lifesaver!

Post-it Notes. Something stuck in your teeth after lunch and you don’t have floss? Use a post it note. You can also fold this up and use it to clean your nails, or to blot your lipstick!


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