Still losing…weight!

8 Nov

Hey all!

Here is an update on my progress with the 30 days to feeling fit program. I ran out of shakes towards the end of week 4, so I had to reorder. During those few days I did not eat very well. I figured I could treat myself, but that treat turned into 4 whole days of treating! (I blame Halloween). Anyway, the good news is that I have not GAINED any weight. I am teetering between 140 and 139. I will do cartwheels when I hit 135! My goal is to get under 135 by the end of November!

Here is how I will commit to reaching that goal :

  1. Drink 2 shakes a day – one for breakfast and one for dinner. (I find that when I have a shake at lunch time, I will eat crappy for dinner because Brad still eats a lot of fast food).
  2. Eat a healthy, mostly vegan lunch. Salad, hummus, beans etc.
  3. Drink more water! I am so guilty of not drinking enough water. I bet if I drank twice as much water, I would lose another few pounds.
  4. Exercise – now that the dance concert is over, I have more time to spend thinking about my health. I plan to take a jazz class on M/W nights, yoga on Tues/Thurs and Saturday. And Zumba on Saturday and Sunday 🙂

Here are 2 rare BEFORE picture of me. This is exactly 1 year ago. At this stage, I was over 150 pounds (I think at most I ever reached was 155) – I will update this with a few after pictures, Even though I am not at the weight I would like to be quite yet…but it will give you an idea of my progress (keep in mind, I have been at the 150 range this whole time, up until just 2 months ago or so, when I went down to about 147).










Is anyone else doing something to get in shape? Comment below! Maybe we can keep each other motivated! 😉 Love you all!

Until next time!


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