Week 4 Begins!

26 Oct

Alright. It’s here! The last week and a few days of my 30 days to fit program!

I feel AMAZING! I feel lighter, more energized and happier. I know I have said this in precious weeks, but oh man. Yesterday was my last day of the 7 day Detox cleanse. In total, I have lost 7 pounds since I started this program. My hips, thighs and butt are slimmer and smoother.

I weigh 140 pounds for the first time in a long time. My ultimate goal weight would be 125 pounds, but I knew I would not lose 20lbs in 1 month. I plan to continue the 30 days to fit beyond the initial 30 days, until I acheive my goal weight.

The great thing about it, is I have not felt deprived of anything. I have had a few “cheat” meals here and there, but I always have 2 shakes a day and either drank the detox cleanse or the detox tea. One thing I need to work on though, is drinking more water! That is where I have been lacking recently.

I also don’t feel like I need to eat so much either. I don’t need to snack as much between meals. Also, since doing the 7 day cleanse, I have slept like a baby. When I am asleep, I am out for the whole night. I have not taken my measurements yet, I am going to save that for the end of this 30 days. I know my before measurements, I am going to take the afters in about a week! I am so excited. If you want to learn more about what I am going to get healthier, let me know! 🙂

Until next time.


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