Week 2 Begins!

14 Oct

WOW, my body is feeling some major changes since I started the 30 Days to Feeling Fit program with Arbonne! I am on Day 9 right now, and I am down about 1.5-2 pounds (my scale is not very detailed so it’s a bit hard to tell exactly). As of right now, most of the changes are changes that I FEEL. I feel lighter, more regular, more energized, stronger and I sleep better. I used to toss and turn to fall asleep, lately I have been falling asleep with ease!

Probably the most noticable changes are actually physical. It’s not really even me that is noticing the changes. You know that we are always our own worst critics…so I don’t think I give myself too much credit. Brad keeps saying “Wow…your legs are looking amazing” or “OMG your stomach is so much flatter!” I love hearing these things because I know I feel changes, but it’s nice that others are noticing it.

Here are the major physical changes I am noticing…

1. My legs are tighter

2. My hips are less “puffy”… they feel slimmer and smoother

3. My sternum area an less “full” and my colar bones are becoming more prevalent.

I don’t know if those make sense to people, but I am just getting at the fact that I am noticing changes and it’s only the first week! I am excited to see what changes will happen over the next 3 weeks! 🙂

Until next time.


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