When you feel like giving up…

12 Oct


Sounds simple enough. But whenever we start something new, we will make it about 2 or 3 days…then immediately go back to our old habits. Mostly I am talking about choosing a healthier lifestyle. We will begin a diet, lose a few pounds and then think “well…I deserve at least 1 cheat day”…what we are not thinking is that the one cheat day will turn into a week, then a month, then next thing we know, we weigh 3 more pounds than when we started.

You have to have the end goal in mind! Do you want to lose 20, 30, 50, 100 pounds?! Do you want to just feel better? Have more energy? Teach your children healthier eating habits? We have to stop thinking about food as a reward! Put down that cheesecake. It won’t feel like a reward when  you put on 10 pounds this year, or you have to spend 1 hour in the gym to work off that piece of cheesecake that you devoured in 5 minutes! I am no fitness expert, just speaking from experience. I have the worst sweet tooth that gets me in trouble. Luckily, I am still fairly active, but I have gained 20 pounds in the last 2 years since I graduated with my BA in dance. This is devastating to me, because I was in the best shape of my life in 2009. Now, I weigh more than I ever have, and I feel tired and sluggish and just not happy being a size 8/10.

Here is what I am doing to get out of my OWN way. Hopefully this helps to inspire you to achieve anything (I’m not just talking about weight loss here).

1) Have someone hold you accountable! – having someone to check in with about your progress is essential. Brad and I both want to get healthier, so I feel like if I get off track, I am letting him know it’s ok to get off track too. I am keeping him from his goals.

2) Plan ahead! – What I love about 30 Days to Feeling Fit, is that it’s EASY to plan ahead. 2 of my meals are protein shakes, which I just mix powder with almond milk. Done. I also place my snacks at my desk, in my purse and at home. This way, they are always available when I need them!

3) Think about the end result – How will you feel when you lose that last pound out of 20, or when  you get the promotion you want, or when you are finally doing what you love every day? I envision myself on my wedding day(who knows when that will be haha) walking down the aisle looking stunning in a size 4 dress!

4) Also, take it one day at a time – You may not lose 10 pounds in the first month. You might only lose 1 pound a week. But set little goals for yourself that will make the bigger goals seem easier to reach!

I hope that these tips are a bit inspirationanl for you. You can acheive anything you want. The hardest part is getting started. So get out there, plan ahead and dream for the future! You can make all of your dreams come true!

Until next time.



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