30 Days to Fit – Day 5

10 Oct

Hey All!

I am on Day 5 of the 30 days to fit program. I feel great! I have been sleeping good, and feel lighter. I am noticing small changes in my body (keep in mind it’s only day 5 hehe). I feel like my hips are slimming down a bit, and my tummy is a little flatter (less bloated). I have been trying to stick with the program as much as possible. I have usually 3-4 chews per day when it should be only about 2…but it’s because I am going from eating lots of sweets all the time…to no sweets. The protein shakes are good though!

Yesterday for my lunch I made my own treat. It was delicious! 2 scoops chocolate protein powder, 5 ice cubes, 1 cup frozen organic raspberries, and 9oz vanilla (unsweetened) almond milk. YUM! It was like a smoothie it was so good!

My 30 day goals are to lose several inches and 10 lbs! Then I will probably repeat the 30 days t fit until I lose all 25 lbs that I want to lose. I would love to be about 123lbs. 🙂

Till next time!


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