30 Days to Fit – Day 2

7 Oct

So last night I cheated. 😦 I had about a quarter of a Cali Burrito when I really should have had grilled chicken and veggies. The reason is because I was waiting for Brad to get home for a LONG time. He kept saying he will be home soon, then an hour would go by. I didn’t want to start cooking until he got home because I didn’t want food to be cold etc. Tonight, NO EXCUSES. I am going to eat healthy. Overall though, I am feeling pretty good.

It was a little hard to wake up today because I had so much energy last night it was hard to fall asleep. I feel a little lighter and less bloated already today. YAY! My favorite thing about the diet so far is the Fit Chews (they taste like taffy!) and I also really like the Herbal Detox Tea. It is nice to drink on these cold days.

Until Tomorrow! (BTW I totally forgot to weigh myself and take measurements yesterday…I will try to remember today)


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