30 Days to Fit starts NOW! – Arbonne

6 Oct

My goal was to start this program Oct 1st, but my products just arrived last night. I am so excited. People who have gone through this program have lost an average of between 5-10lbs in 30 days! I am 5’3 and I believe I weigh 145lbs (i am going to take my weight tonight for official weight). I want to ultimately weigh between 125 and 130lbs. I know I probably will not reach that within 30 days…but I will be well on my way!  Here is what my daily meal regimin will look like.

Wake Up – Fizz Tab, and Metabolism Boost.

Breakfast – Protein Shake with Fiber Boost

Snack – Detox Tea, Almonds, Fit Chew.

Lunch – Protein Shake

Snack – Fizz Tab, Fit Chew

Dinner – Salmon or Chicken, brown rice and veggies

After Dinner – Detox Tea

All of these items are provided by Arbonne in a kit so it makes it super simple (well except dinner items). The kit is only $276…which is LESS  than what I was spending daily for breakfast and lunch and snacks at work! AMAZING! I am going to do another post tonight or tomorrow about my weight and measurements. I am just going to lay it all out on the line! lol. So far today, I am not hungry. I love the chews (like candy!) and the Tea…it has a great herbal taste. Comment below if you have any more questions!


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