Transition Your Look to Fall (in love) <3

12 Sep

There are plenty of fall trends on the runway that can be made totally wearable for everyday life! đŸ™‚

One trend that I am loving is the toffee colored lid!

To achieve this look, you want to :

start with a Carmel Suede color as a base. Then you want to apply that all over the lid up to the upper crease area (not brow bone) and you also want to drag that underneath the lower lashes as well. This look does not require any eyeliner, it’s just a soft Carmel look. You will want to go over it with a shimmer color in a Champagne Color like Linen just to give it a little pop!

To finish up this look, use a matte nude/pink lip color and a bare looking blush. Gorgeous!

The next trend is Vampy Lips!

To acheive this look, start with a red lip liner and line right at the lip line. (You do not want to go over your lip line, you will look like a clown. Try a cherry color like this.

Then you want to fill your lips in with a lip brush using a strawberry colored lip stick. Having a matte look for this lip is ideal because once you add gloss etc, it becomes a little too over the top.

Finish the look off with a nude eye shadow, winged liner and lots of mascara. You don’t want to look overdone with this look. The lip speaks for itself.

The next trend is Fresh Face!

Step 1 : Prime your face with a silicone primer

Step 2: Use a light foundation like a tinted moisturizer

Step 3: Use a neutral colored cream blush on the apples of your cheeks ONLY (gives you a dewy glow)

Step 4 : Finish with a light dusting of a translucent powder to set your makeup for all day hold! Beautiful!

Fall is my favorite season of the year! I love the makeup trends and beauty trends so much more than i do in the summer. Stay tuned for more fall trends and makeup tips etc! Thanks!


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